The program for rheumatic independent self-management: a pilot evaluation.

Alderson (1999)
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The Program for Rheumatic Independent Self-Management (PRISM) is an interdisciplinary programme that integrates group education and individualised treatment using the principles of self-management, adult learning, case management and self-efficacy enhancement. This study is a before-after evaluation of 57 individuals who attended PRISM. Outcome measures were selected to measure self-efficacy, disability, pain and ability to cope. The mean self-efficacy score increased immediately following the programme and this improvement was maintained at 6-month follow-up. Disability decreased from baseline to 6-month follow-up. There was a decrease in the mean level of pain from post-class to 6-month follow-up. All of these changes were statistically significant. These preliminary findings suggest that PRISM may be effective in enhancing self-efficacy, and reducing disability and pain.