Join the team as our first Program Manager.

Help us teach the world behavioral science.


We’re looking for someone to help us create, run, and scale the best ways to learn applied behavioral science. If you’ve scaled the operations or helped build similar programs in the past, we’d love to collaborate.



Our goal is to empower business and public organization leaders with tools and skills to apply behavioral science in the most impactful way possible. We believe understanding the mechanics of behavior is a key component of solving the world’s most pressing problems, and far too few people have this expertise.

We’ve already started to change that with our online resources and previous courses, and we’re looking to scale our impact even further.

What We Do

We teach people how to change behavior.

Our online resources, podcasts, newsletter, community, and other experiences have reached millions of people, and we’ve collaborated with the top organizations and leaders in our field on large-scale behavior change projects for startups, multinationals, and governments.

Progress So Far

The first course we launched was massively oversubscribed and included leaders from high-impact organizations like Apple, the United Nations, Samsung, Adidas, OnDeck, UC Berkeley, and the Australian government's behavioral economics team. The reviews and engagement level were terrific, but we kept the size small to make sure things went well. The waitlist for the next courses are packed, and we’ve been in touch with tons of great teams who’d like to upskill their talent with behavioral science.

What’s Next

We need someone to help us scale our courses and training platforms, along with helping us build some cool things that are still secret. This is an exciting opportunity to have a large degree of ownership around some fun and impactful stuff.

We’re going to launch:

  • More world-class courses, both cohort-based and self-driven
  • Year-round microtraining for organizations
  • University credits and possibly degrees (e.g. MsC BeSci, Behavioral MBA, etc)
  • A lot more!

How You Fit In

Maybe you’re an operations or edtech veteran who loves behavioral science, or you’re a behavioral scientist who has experience with similar programs. You’ve built and scaled things that involved lots of content production (even if it wasn’t courses or training, like a mobile app or content marketing play).

Either way, you’re excited about the mission of teaching the world behavioral science, and you want to make a huge impact while having a large degree of ownership in how things get done.


  • Remote (US or EU timezones preferred, but anywhere is okay)
  • Part-time initially, can be full-time later (mutual decision—we're flexible)


What you’ll do

Manage and run our flagship courses

  • The Program Lead role is an opportunity for a driven, creative, and operationally-savvy person to help build the future of how people learn and apply behavioral science.
  • Our programs help the highest-impact and most innovative organizations to leverage behavioral design to solve important problems. You'll help us apply the science of behavior and learning to the creation of our own tools, and create a new and rewarding way to master the art of behavior change.
  • Be at the center of a cross-functional internal project team of designers, researchers, and other change-makers, and manage the course development process from idea to launch.
  • Join as part of the foundational team of an exciting new platform with a proven track record of world-class learner experience, led by experienced behavioral science experts. You’ll also work with top thought leaders in the field (like our podcast guests), who we’ll be designing new courses with.

Oversee development of new courses and experiences

  • Help deliver top-notch quality content and learner experiences, including supporting teams to learn whole new ways of understanding and applying behavioral science to solve their problems.
  • Lead the end-to-end execution of projects through the full project lifecycle, creating a project plan with scheduled milestones, building our our teach, and creating core workflows and processes.
  • Work with cross-functional team members to ensure that everyone has all of the resources, tools, systems and processes in place in order to effectively and efficiently complete their projects.
  • Craft and launch new learning experiences like year-round team training, events, and degree programs.
  • Facilitate a post-mortem process after each major course or project type completion and implement changes to the project management process as needed.

Grow the reach and impact

  • Continuously analyze key program metrics such as engagement, customer satisfaction, and retention, and you’ll drive constant improvement in our ability to achieve our key outcomes.
  • Help in growing the team and platform, including being part of hiring decisions and help finding partnership opportunities.
  • Contribute with new ideas and ways to help achieve our mission of empowering people with the tools of behavior change.

This is a massive production, with many moving parts. We’re looking for a seasoned leader who is able to drive complex, cross-functional programs from end-to-end. This is a critical leadership role that offers the opportunity to have a deep and lasting impact on our trajectory.

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Why you might be excited

Important challenge

Changing behavior is hard, and behavior change is usually at the center of virtually every large-scale social problem or business challenge. The good news? The tools of behavioral science makes it a lot easier.

But unfortunately, there haven’t been a lot of great ways to learn the science of large-scale behavior change. We’re here to change that.

Creating real impact

We operate at the forefront of behavioral science with the mission of making the field more accessible to leaders across startups, multinationals, and governments. Our goal is to empower people who are changing behavior with the skills they need to make the greatest impact. The leaders we’ve trained have influence over billions of people through their products, services, and programs, so helping them wield that power more skillfully has massive implications. What we teach really matters.

Exciting environment

We support leaders of the fastest growing and most innovative companies such as Slack, Adidas, and the UN to learn the top behavioral insights, tools, and strategies. Our programs focus on:

  • Fun and engaging content
  • Experiment focused and rapid-feedback format
  • Outcomes—what our participants do, not what they can memorize
  • Continuous learning over static expertise

We want to apply what we know about how to change behavior to actually teach people how to do it. And we measure our impact based on the impacts that our alums make on real-world behavior.

🪞 This role suits someone who...

Cares about the little details

You're always looking for ways to improve things. You spot things others miss and are known for being particularly attentive to tiny details. You get lost in the craft of your work and design bulletproof processes.

Enjoys solving problems

You’re resourceful and like a good challenge. You have the ability to navigate complex situations, and meet competing priorities in a startup-like environment.

Likes to lead

You’re good at delegating tasks and managing work of other people. You enjoy building a positive team morale and support team members succeed. You’re proactive, not reactive.

Thinks really big

You'll have access to a huge audience, a long waitlist, and many experts in the field. We’ve already built courses and content that people love. You get excited about massive scale, and you’ve helped 10x or 100x things before.

Your ideal background


  • Experience with leading development of content, courses, or online experiences
  • Strong interest or background in behavioral science
  • Used to working remotely and communicating asynchronously
  • Experience in working with (or in) large organizations
  • Preferable: Behavioral science experience, academic or applied
  • Preferable: Having previously managed a team of contract designers and researchers


  • ✨ Enthusiastic self-starter who can thrive in ambiguity,  eager to build from the ground-up
  • 🗓 Loves to plan ahead and can help the team plan ahead and stay on track
  • 🧘🏻‍♀️Not stressed out by managing the large or creative processes, or things like schedules, budgets,  vendors, and dependencies across cross-functional teams
  • 💬 Direct but empathetic communicator with flexible leadership style
  • 🤣 Takes work seriously, but not yourself

Who You’ll Work With

Subject Matter Experts

Leaders with decades of experience applying, researching, or teaching behavioral science.

Program Production Team

We’re building a cross-functional team of content designers, editors, producers, and researchers.

World-Class Learners

Our programs are application only and selective. They attract top performers from the world's leading startups, international companies, and governments.

Terrific Partners

We’re connected to many of the top organizations and thought leaders in our field, and we’re always excited to find a win-win with great collaborators.

Your Future Impact

2-3 years in, we’ve helped 500,000 learners (10,000x our first course) master behavioral science.

Your work will be directly responsible for leaders at the most impactful organizations in the world doing more behavior change for good, with less resources or effort.

Next Steps

If you think you can help us create, run, and scale the best ways to learn applied behavioral science, fill out this 2-minute form and we’ll be in touch ASAP.