Our goal is to empower people who are changing behavior with the best data possible, so that they can make the greatest impact.

Over time, we want to enable business leaders, policy makers, and lay people with answers to questions like "What is the best way to drive smoking cessation?" or "How can I improve the low savings rate in X population?" These are big questions, and the solutions aren't easily answered on Google or even after doing typical literature reviews.

How we approach it:

  • Pool comparable data from sources like academic research, public or governmental initiatives, and commercial solutions to determine the best methods in terms of ROI, design best practices, and total efficacy for every behavioral problem (e.g. health/finance/civic)
  • Meticulously tag, categorize, and (eventually) summarize the key aspects of the interventions; things like the population details, psychological concepts, intervention tactics, platforms (e.g. web vs SMS vs counseling), and more
  • Connect this data with the behavior change community so they can have a greater impact and success in all endeavors, e.g. enable the creation of better products, services, and programs that further the aim of positively modifying human behavior in all areas
  • Turn these insights into self-directed and expert-led training programs to empower entrepreneurs, investors, and public policy leaders to systematically deliver positive change at scale

If that mission resonates with you, or you'd just like to provide feedback, reach out to us at contact@besci.org.

The Behavior Institute is a social impact project founded by Chris York and friends.