EAST | Easy Attractive Social Timely
Behavior Design Process / Heuristics

EAST | Easy Attractive Social Timely

Owain Service,Michael Hallsworth,David Halpern

"The EAST approach is a mnemonic for remembering four essential elements of approaching behavior change in practice.

The authors provide further detail at for each of the principles:

- Harness the power of defaults
- Reduce the 'hassle factor'
- Simplify messages

- Attract attention through high salience
- Design rewards and punishments for maximum effect or ROI (e.g. consider lotteries)

- Cue social norms
- Leverage networks
- Encourage public commitments

- Prompt people when they're likely to be receptive
- Consider immediate costs and benefits (i.e. account for hyperbolic discounting)
- Help people plan their responses to events (i.e. encourage coping plans and implementation intentions)"