Fogg Behavior Model
Behavior Model

Fogg Behavior Model

BJ Fogg

"The Fogg Behavior Model (FBM) is a practical framework for approaching self behavior change or designing behavior change systems. The model is largely informed by Fogg's work in Stanford University's captology and persuasive technology labs, consulting experience (e.g. with Nike's FuelBand), and in coaching habit formation.

The model emphasizes three principle elements:
- Motivation - One's intention to perform the behavior
- Ability - One's skills, knowledge, or access to resources needed to perform the behavior
- Triggers (also referred to as Prompts) - A stimulus or cue that encourages or reminds someone to perform the behavior

The FBM states that behaviors will generally not occur if one of the three elements is missing or not sufficiently strong. Behavior deigners are encouraged to make the behavior as 'tiny' as possible at first, praise or otherwise reward successful performance, and scale the behavior's difficulty with the person's abilities or motivation."