COM-B | Capability, Oppportunity, Motivation → Behavior
Behavior Model

COM-B | Capability, Oppportunity, Motivation → Behavior

Robert West,Maartje van Stralen,Susan Michie

"The COM-B model of behavior change is an influential framework for approaching human behavior. It is sometimes referred to by the name of an earlier graphic that represented it, the Behaviour Change Wheel.

The model consists of three core components:
- Capability: An attribute of the person, either physical or psychological, that enables the behavior
- Opportunity: Elements of the physical or social environment facilitate or prevent the behavior
- Motivation: The result of both reflective and automatic thought processes that create intentino or desire to perform the behavior (or experience/avoid its consequences)

In the COM-B model, opportunity and capability both influence an individual's motivation to perform the behavior. Motivation can also influence capability in a reciprocally deterministic pattern. "