Applying Behavioural Insights to Charitable Giving 5

Behavioural Insights Team (2013)
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Summary by 
Mark Egan

Similar to the Save More Tomorrow program which encouraging increasing amounts of wage savings, the B.I.T. worked with Zurich Community Trust to encourage their 702 donors to sign up to annual increases in their charitable giving rather than just one-off increases. They conducted three trials on this group of donors; (1) asking for a one-off payment each month from 2013 (2) asking for increasing amounts donated each month from 2013 with future annual increases of either £1/£2/£3/£5/£10 (3) the same as (2) but with future increases of either £2/£4/£6/£8/£10.They found that those in group 3 (the high increases) donated more and if extrapolated over their lifetime would donate considerably more than the other 2 groups.